Before You Jump | Our Terms / Conditions

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What You Need To Know

  • You must have our waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian 18 years of age or older (on our home page, or you can do this when you come in as well.) Siblings/friends 18 years of age CANNOT sign for another sibling/friend under 18 years of age.
  • Jump City is concerned with the safety of all our customers at all times. Due to the wide age span of participants we have jumping at one time, Jump City and the State of Colorado feels it's best to separate the smaller participants from the bigger ones. We have put in additional trampolines for this reason and have new rules for the participants 7 and under.
  • During our busiest hours of operation, after 3:00 PM Monday-Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday, any time we have large groups attending, or any time we feel it would be in the best interest and safety of our custoemrs, then we will be enforcing the age rules as stated below.
  • Ages 8 and older can play on their own in the main court and 8 and older dodgeball only.
  • All children ages 7 and under jumping alone must remain in the designated trampoline courts. The new court for 7 and under is located next to the main court.
  • If at any time we feel that the 7 and under trampoline court is too full for the safety of the chidren, we will make an announcement that the 7 year olds only will be allowed to transfer to the main court.
  • Children 7 and under may participate on the main court when accompanied by a participant 18 or older who has paid to jump also (up to two children per adult). If there is a paid jumper between 13 and 18 years old, they may take one younger jumper out on the main court wih them.
  • NO outside food or drink
  • Everyone MUST wear socks
  • Everyone on the trampoline MUST have a wristband on - parents cannot go on the trampolines with their children without a wristband
  • No running
  • No personal items (cell phones, purses, watches, etc.) on the trampolines - we are not liable for your lost items
  • Do not enter the bull ride without a ticket and an employee present
  • Stunt air bags are not to be played on - they are for those using the rock climbing and slackline
  • For your safety, do not sit or lay down on the trampolines or trampoline pads at any time
  • Walkway MUST stay clear and parents must stay in designated areas
  • Do not run up slides
  • Slackline is for 8 and over ONLY
  • Bounce house is for 5 and under ONLY
  • If you have any medical conditions (pregnancy, back problems, etc.), you are NOT allowed on the trampolines If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you are NOT allowed on the trampolines
  • Do not wear/bring anything that can damage the trampolines such as, but not limited to:
    • Chewing gum
    • Back pocket buttons on jeans
    • Watches
    • Earrings/sharp accessories
  • We are not liable for any damage, as stated by the waiver
  • Jumpers 2 and under are required to jump with an adult at all times for their own safety. We do not require, but highly recommend, jumpers 3-4 to be accompanied by an adult as well.